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Doctor Who -Brainstealers

Here is episode 1 of the secret project which i think is set after the Silurian story anyway this new project is for me to write you some scripted episodes of doctor who I must tell you now their not full length like Doctor Who Script 4b but they are decent short stories and I hope you enjoy them.I will now post the first episode called brain stealers:

Doctor Who-Brainstealers

MOLLY:This new TV is great
MOTHER:What's On
MOTHER:What's that about
MOLLY:It's about anomalies
(Knock on Door)
MOTHER:Here is the Pizza's
(Mother opens the Door)
MOTHER:I Don't get it their is nobody their but their are pizza's
ANDREW:Molly (Quietly)
Molly:Who are You?
ANDREW:I am Andrew Taylor you're new best friend
MOLLY:No My Mother will always be my best friend
ANDREW:We'll see
2 Days Later
MOLLY:He's Real
MOTHER:No He's not Its just your clever imagination you think he's real but trust me he's not
ANDREW:Molly Nice to see you again
MOTHER:You not hugging anything molly
MOLLY:I am hugging Andrew and if you don't think he is real my friend will kill you
MOTHER:He's not real stop getting obsessed in him Andrew is in your mind that's why he is invisible to everyone except you
MOLLY:I have had enough of her KILL HER!!!
ANDREW:I will do anything for you molly
Andrew Turns into real form

Large Orange webbed Feet
2 times larger than human feet
MOTHER:AAAAARGH!!! I don't get it their is nothing their AAAAARGH!!!
Her mother lies on the floor fully eaten with only blood and bone left.
Doctor Who Title Sequence
Estate,1954 Tardis Arrives(No Noise)
THE DOCTOR:I Learn everything from river song
AMY:It's a shame I liked the noise
THE DOCTOR:You should have this, Tardis Key
AMY:Thank You
AMY:Where Are We?
THE DOCTOR:1954 My favourite don't now why though great taste
AMY:How Can a Year have a taste?
THE DOCTOR:If I say it does I say it does My Rules My Tardis go back home if 1954 hasn't got the right taste for you.
AMY:Always the fussy one
THE DOCTOR:Right which direction Whale Saver
AMY:Whale Saver?
THE DOCTOR:Is that a Rhetorical Question? Whale Saver
AMY:Stop It Doctor!!! I saved a star whale but don't call me after it people around here will think I am a mad Nature Saver
THE DOCTOR:Come On 1954 isn't that bad
(Doctor Wanders off)
AMY:Doctor Where have you gone?
AMY:What's Happening I am being eaten by an invisible monster or something
(Doctor throws loads of chicken legs at a flat and goes in front of amy and punches the monster even though he can't see it
Monster Scuttles off after chicken legs Injured
THE DOCTOR:Off you go it wasn't worth your blood
AMY:you call that easy Peasy?
THE DOCTOR:Just Think Amy if you were four years older I couldn't have saved you
AMY:What do you mean?
THE DOCTOR:It was a brainstealer they only people over 18 and the more over 18 you are the quicker it takes for a brainstealer to eat it's victim you're only 21 but it you were 25 it would have been a different story
AMY:Why 25?
THE DOCTOR:By tasting the blood I can tell that it's last victim was 25.
THE DOCTOR:If Brainstealers have become this strong then it's a good job we stayed.
AMY:How Would we have not stayed we have only been here 6 minutes and 35 seconds
THE DOCTOR:How do you know?
THE DOCTOR:Where did you get that?
AMY:Picked it up from our last visit to Valronia
THE DOCTOR:You stole it Didn't You?
AMY:I did but it corresponds to local time and counts the time since the latest change in time zone
THE DOCTOR:Give that to me
AMY:What are you going to do to it?
THE DOCTOR:Return It and then hand you to them,you can be a slave to them for all i care Amy the biggest rule never steal off people who aren't the same species
AMY:Are you allowed to steal off your own species then?
THE DOCTOR:NO but I did once
AMY:I should hand you over to your own people to become a slave oh I forget they're dead what happened to them?
THE DOCTOR:A bad day
AMY:You murdered you're people didn't I can tell though that look DIDN'T YOU?
AMY:So I have aquantied myself with a mass murder I am not safe with you take me home right now!!!
THE DOCTOR:Amy it was the past I have changed
AMY:I don't care just take me home
THE DOCTOR:you need to become a slave to the valronians
AMY:Come Over Thats just a joke isn't it
Tardis leaves(No Noise)
THE DOCTOR: OK I will return you to your own time
AMY:Doctor I am fading away
Amy Turns into a brainstealer
THE DOCTOR:I am getting you back amy don't you worry and brainstealer luckily for me you haven't got any tricks up your sleeves like i have.
The Doctor sonics the brainstealer so that he can hear and see the brainstealer
The Doctor lands The Tardis with the brakes on making a noise
a second after he left and runs and locks the door with the key quickly locking the brainstealer inside
THE DOCTOR:Nicely Done and don't think you are escaping brainstealer
Back at Molly's House
MOLLY:My Brain Hurts What's happening?
ANDREW:You are being prepared
MOLLY:for what andrew?
ANDREW:You will see
Andrew turns into his real form and puts his
(Doctor runs in room and sonics the brainstealer)
THE DOCTOR:Stop stealing her MIND!!!
ANDREW:Once the brainstealing has started it can not be stopped
Molly falls back on the floor with her body intact and another brainstealer is formed from the stolen brain energy.(The doctor taps her head to find out her brain has been totally removed and hears a rusty noise
THE DOCTOR:You removed her brain to form another brainstealer clever clever brainstealer
BRAINSTEALER:Another brain stealer has been created and we shall rule the world with this increase in strength
THE DOCTOR:but I don't get it Brainstealers can never get this strong maybe a few children but now using that to reproduce and killing adults for meat 1 in one day and almost another Brainstealers are lucky if they can eat one in a year or two this should be beyond you
THE DOCTOR:Tell me how you became this strong?
BRAINSTEALER:I have grown in strength ever since I grasped the existence of Molly Peravale
THE DOCTOR:Once a brainstealer starts to gain trust it starts to gain strength but this child was so incredibly imaginative that you gained in strength dramatically and now you have got all her mind you are strong enough to destroy the daleks The Perfect Child oh dear
BRAINSTEALER:She is the most imaginative creative and intelligent child in the universe and her brain shall lead the Brainstealers to rule the universe not just earth but the whole universe shall be ours we are now 1 million times stronger
THE DOCTOR:Why did creation ever make you?You were created to kill imaginative friends you are the truth behind imaginary friends
BRAINSTEALER:Now every child's brain shall be easily stole in seconds and new Brainstealers will be created we will be able to eat all adults in a very short time the empire of the Brainstealers shall begin
THE DOCTOR:Go on Brainstealers eat me think how delicious I will be you will get all the meat you need from me.
The Brainstealers start eating the doctor and then start feeling sickly.
THE DOCTOR:You don't get it do you Brainstealers you were only ever designed by nature on earth to eat human flesh
BRAINSTEALER:How are you not human? Who are you?
THE DOCTOR:I am the doctor I am a timelord from the constellations of Kasterborous
and if you are not happy run as fast you can!!! because this is what I do to every stinking threat to the universe.
Brainstealers(Both):We Can't Run AAAAARGH!!!
Brainstealers collapse and die.
THE DOCTOR:Killed by timelord flesh HA!!!
AMY:Well Done Doctor!!!
THE DOCTOR:Amy you're back
AMY:I am sorry for my attitude I realise that I am the person making you better and doctor don't you worry I will always be their for you
The Doctor Whistles a strange Whistle
AMY:What are you doing?
THE DOCTOR:attracting all the other Brainstealers
AMY:You will kill yourself you can't survive the bite of all the Brainstealers in the world
THE DOCTOR:Just Watch Me!!!
AMY:How will you get all the Brainstealers of the world here
THE DOCTOR:The Whistle brings them here it works as a connection to their speed it only works if it is used by lifeforms none brainstealer without the whistle they can only travel as fast as a average human
AMY:you can't destroy every child's imaginary friends Most of the Brainstealers aren't even strong to steal children's brains or kill adults for meat
THE DOCTOR:I am fed up with these Brainstealers I do what I want!!!No more children will be fooled by their imaginary friends and be killed Children will have imaginary friends no more no more!!!
The Brainstealers arrive in their true form and the doctor sonics them all.
BRAINSTEALER:Fresh meat both of them will make perfect meat
THE DOCTOR:So their is only 170 of you now Their used to more!!!
Wait a minute how do only 170 children have imaginary friends you can't double up so their are only 170 children with imaginary friends the idea isn't as common as before
AMY:Don't you get it doctor most children's imaginary friends aren't creatures they are made by their imagination and these Brainstealers are only doing what they are doing because they are designed to and are doing it yo survive killing them would be genocide.
THE DOCTOR:I think you just changed my mind
The doctor and amy run back to the tardis and takes off putting the brakes on making a noise
BRAINSTEALER:We have lost our meat we must spread out around the world again and this time we must fufil our mission to get the minds of children and the meat of adults.
BRAINSTEALER:I have got a crack in my head What's Happening?
BRAINSTEALER:You are being eaten by the silent menace of Pandorica.
The doctor and Amy land on Valronia a second after amy stole her watch in a dark abandoned work room with broken metal spreaded across the floor the valronians are mining for gold.The Tardis lands with no noise.
AMY:Where do i put the Watch?
THE DOCTOR:Where you stole it from
AMY:Their Coming
THE DOCTOR:I have a better plan
The TARDIS leaves with no noise but returns to Valronia 11 days later and the doctor leaves the brakes on making a noise.
AMY:you left the brakes on
Amy slaps the doctor
THE DOCTOR:Don't do that again
AMY:It's alive you are hurting it and making it groan.
THE DOCTOR:I will be groaning in a minute if you keep slapping me
VALRON LEADER:Where is my watch?
THE DOCTOR:Here it is i was just saying amy wanted to lend it and here it is again.
VALRON LEADER:With that watch we would have stopped the invasion of pandorica
Kill Them!!!
Doctor and amy run into the tardis and leave TARDIS Leaves with no noise.
VALRON LEADER:Look What you have done you have hit my statue
VALRON LEADER:EXECUTE HIM!!! For Destroying My Statue
VALRON LEADER:My Watch!!! Brilliant!!!
VALRON LEADER:If you ever return again doctor i will swear to pandorica that i will kill you both.
End Titles

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  1. Very enjoyable and clever story - I particularly like the mention of Pandorica at the end.

    Looking forward to the next episode...