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Doctor Who The Conflicted Rescue

Police Department Laboratory England 63Rd Century
(Officers see a picture of a stolen item)
ADAM JONES:That is a very valuable object we can not let him escape with it and not be executed
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:I agree because whoever he and his associate are they have to be found and executed as my new laws say.Is that clear.Can you Get them for me?
TOM MILLS:Yes using the trilingator from the wreckage of what looks like a boiler of an alien ship it configures and drags back things using DNA we picked up DNA of the criminal and all we need to do now is configure it.
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:I am very impressed now all intruders will be easily captured
TOM MILLS:Yes indeed I am sending the signal now
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:I am leaving you know you what to do I expect to see video footage of their disintegration if I am not their for their executions which I am very sure I will be their for the executions but anyway Call me if you need any assistance Mr Jones come with me we need to do some planning and I will need an extra hand
TOM MILLS:Signal Found dragging back we will soon have the criminals prime minister don't you worry and you will be so proud
Title Sequence
Tardis materialises in a strange way creating terrible noises and groans constantly fluctuating
PROFESSOR COOPER:Increase Strength the criminal is fighting back
TOM MILLS:Trying Professor but our stabilizers are exploding our machine is alien and has immense power it is going to destroy earth if we can't stabilize
PROFESSOR COPPER:Put the machine to maximum
TOM MILLS:That is beyond safety restrictions
TOM MILLS:Exitating the generators putting the machine to maximum professor
Suddenly the room explodes into flames and the tardis fully materialises
The doctor and Amy go out of the tardis with the interior and exterior of the tardis
exploding with fumes steaming out
AMY:Will your time machine be alright?
THE DOCTOR:Yes, hopefully anyway Where are we this is very strange how on earth did we get pulled into materialising here that technology must have been immensely powerful it almost destroyed my ship
AMY:doctor look I think we Should we get out of here
THE DOCTOR:Lets find out what they want
AMY:They won't want anything appetising for us
THE DOCTOR:The Tardis can't dematerialise for a long while yet because of that technology whatever technology it was that got us here ,we are stuck and even if I tried that technology might just pull us back again and the tardis couldn't survive two big blows in a day.
Soldiers and officers walk up to them
COMMANDER BROACH:Well here they are the criminal and his associate
THE DOCTOR:We didn't kill them scientists
COMMANDER BROACH:We know you didn't kill them Their machine is very dangerous and it definitely killed them never mind but more importantly we are here because of what you did
AMY:What did we do?
COMMANDER BROACH:You Stole a box a very precious box Do not lie to Me
THE DOCTOR:What box?
COMMANDER BROACH:A homing box from the Byzantium with precious security footage
THE DOCTOR:Oh that box
COMMANDER BROACH:Don't Play games with me just give me the box
THE DOCTOR:If you let me go in my spaceship
COMMANDER BROACH:How can we trust you?
SOLIDER:We can hold the girl as hostage and if he doesn't return in 30 minutes we can kill her
OFFICER:That is a good idea because he is heavily associated with her
COMMANDER BROACH:Go on then get me that box
The Doctor goes back in the tardis narrowly avoiding explosions and brings the the box out and commander broach grabs it from his hands
THE DOCTOR:You can always trust me
AMY:Come on then doctor We can go now can't we
COMMANDER BROACH: Definitely not if you think you are getting off without any punishment just because you gave the box then I need to make it very clear to you.NO WAY CAN YOU LEAVE NOW!!!Prepare them for the trial
Soldiers grab them punch them and then carry them over to the prison where they put the doctor and Amy down.They then lock up the prison
AMY:Where are we doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Where do you think?
AMY:We look like we are in a prison cell
THE DOCTOR:The 63Rd Century
AMY:What about it doctor?
THE DOCTOR:It is the year 6271 the year when the human empire was fully established and execution laws began again for all of the empire
AMY:Please don't say we are going to be executed
THE DOCTOR:Sorry but we can't escape this is the end
AMY:You will survive won't you because they can only kill humans can't they?
THE DOCTOR:Yes but you will die I am so sorry I got you into this
AMY:I would have always went with you and I would rather be executed by humans than be fed to a star whale,exterminated by a dalek or been killed by the mind of a weeping angel in my head so I think I have been quite lucky being executed isn't that bad of a death.
The doctor starts banging the railings on the prison loudly.
Commander Broach opens the cage with soldiers behind
COMMANDER BROACH:Very interesting but you stole it Thats all we need to know
Escort them to the trial room
COURT LEADER:Yes or No?did you on the 21St June 6271 steal the byzantium's home box from the delirium archive?
THE DOCTOR:Yes I did I know that you can't kill me just try no one on earth has the power and technology to kill me.
COMMANDER BROACH:Quite incorrect we have a very interesting disintegrating matrix destabiling quarterforming degenerating dalequafing pfelobic gram progenerator.
Which is capable of destroying anything in this entire universe very easily.
THE DOCTOR:Where did you get this machine?
COMMANDER BROACH:We got it from a crashed alien boiler and we also got the technology which captured you and your companion from their.
THE DOCTOR:All this technology is impossible even the daleks and the timelords aren't advanced enough to produce that sort of technology it's starting to worry me what race dropped this boiler and now the human empire in the 63Rd century has a lot more power than it should have.
COMMANDER BROACH:We have a lot of power because we are the most advanced species in the universe We own the Stars!!!
THE DOCTOR:I really don't think so
COMMANDER BROACH:anyway Court Leader get on with the trial
COURT LEADER:So you admit to your crime?
THE DOCTOR:Yes I do Just get on with the proceedings
Court Leader and other officials start talking to themselves
10 minutes Later
COURT LEADER:Right you and your associate are sentenced to execution for stealing the byzantium's homing box from the delirium archive
COMMANDER BROACH:You will be executed after a nice meal is sent to you
THE DOCTOR:Don't bother it will be totally wasted we will eat the food and then all the food will be disintegrated along with us
COMMANDER BROACH:You need a last meal it is part of the proceedings
AMY:If you don't want the meal I will have it all I am starving
THE DOCTOR:Oh aright then but you eat most of it timelords don't eat human rubbish
Broach and the officers lock the cage and leave.
THE DOCTOR:I have got a plan
THE DOCTOR:I tell them I am a Timelord It is bound to work the human race are always looking for new species's
AMY:Will they believe you?
THE DOCTOR:It is always worth a go at anything when you are about to be executed soon
AMY:They really want you dead though I doubt they will stop the executions if they find out you are alien
THE DOCTOR:Yeah that is true every human on this planet wants me dead for the whole of time
AMY:I don't want you dead
THE DOCTOR:Can I really be sure about that?
AMY:Trust me you can be 100% sure about that
Commander Broach and Soldiers arrive at the prison Cell and unlock the cell and come inside
THE DOCTOR:I have something to say I am not human I am part of a race known as the timelords
COMMANDER BROACH:Well it is definitely worth a look
SOLDIER:It is a trap
COMMANDER BROACH:We have full security in this police department don't you worry they can't escape
In the scanning room
COMMANDER BROACH:This is excellent He is an alien
COMMANDER BROACH:Is your wife alien
THE DOCTOR:She's not my wife
AMY:I am too attractive for him
THE DOCTOR:Surely now you let me go and not be executed
COMMANDER BROACH:No you will still be executed
THE DOCTOR:but you want to explore you will miss the chance of discovering my race
COMMANDER BROACH:No we still can we have your DNA and your genetic codes we can clone you
THE DOCTOR:No the shadow proclamation won't let you
COMMANDER BROACH:We own the shadow proclamation
THE DOCTOR:No you don't
COMMANDER BROACH:Yes we do let me show you
Broach shows an updated version of Microsoft powerpoint and he shows an impressive sideshow to the doctor
COMMANDER BROACH:The shadow proclamation a proclamation who shadow the government and do important experiments to help every department of the country focusing mainly on science and law
THE DOCTOR:Not that sort of shadow proclamation
COMMANDER BROACH:Their is no other type of shadow proclamation
AMY:Doctor thats an updated version of powerpoint it is incredible
THE DOCTOR:What do you expect in the future the human race always advance
AMY:Now what happens now
COMMANDER BROACH:You will go back to your cells and wait for your meal and then be executed
THE DOCTOR:What a brilliant day this is going to be GERONIMO!!!
COMMANDER BROACH:Geronimo?What on earth does that mean
THE DOCTOR:Its a very peculiar cry which is said before something incredible or terrifying or exciting is going to happen
COMMANDER BROACH:Escort them to their cells and don't you worry doctor you will definitely executed we will all die if needed too to stop another criminal getting free
Broach and soldiers return Amy and the doctor to their prison cell
5 minutes later
Cook unlocks the chamber and presents food
COOK:Stake and Chips
THE DOCTOR:Wonderful tuck in Amy
the doctor passes the food to Amy and starts eating it
The doctor punches cook and locks the cell with the cook waking up and being trapped meanwhile Amy stays outside the cell still eating the meal
THE DOCTOR:Hurry up!!!
AMY:It is too enjoyable to waste
THE DOCTOR:Drop the food
AMY:Alright doctor
Amy drops the food
Down the bottom of the so called dungeon of prisons Broach prepares to collect amy and the doctor for the execution and notices them running away
COMMANDER BROACH:After them and officer here is a key unlock the cook
Officer unlocks cook out of cell
COOK:Thank you very much it is very cramped in their
OFFICER:It is my pleasure to rescue you cook
SOLDIER:They will head for the blue box
COMMANDER BROACH:I agree soldiers take the shortcut and cut them off
The Doctor and Amy run down a corridor and find the Tardis
THE DOCTOR:Wonderful The Tardis
AMY:We escaped
THE DOCTOR:Yeah we did Amy no one is good enough in the mind to execute us time travellers
The Doctor and Amy start to enter when soldiers and broach appears and the soldiers hold their guns up ready to fire
SOLDIER:Stop right there or we shoot
AMY:Unfounately doctor it isn't quite over yet
COMMANDER BROACH:It son will be I have had enough of this put them in the execution machine immediately
Soldiers grab them and put them under a strange glowing machine
COMMANDER BROACH:Get the prime minister he needs to see this
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:So you have them well done where are Tom Mills and Professor Cooper?
COMMANDER BROACH:Dead the machine which dragged these criminals back through time and space into our custody blew up and killed them Where is your assistant Adam Jones?
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:He is doing some important filing work about how we are planning to organise events to make sure they all know the new laws because criminal activity is getting higher they needed to realise they are going to get caught.We are much better security wise as a country now ever since we split up from the rest of the democratic states
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:By the way I am sorry for the deaths I will make sure their families get full compensation
COMMANDER BROACH:People die all the time Casualties are Casualties Accidents are Accidents Tragedies are tragedies we all must learn to forget and move on for our country
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:Quite right the protection of our empire is the most important thing and we are loyal to the bone and ready to die for our empire and our country and if you are not then you are committing treason and shall be executed
AMY:Doctor what are the democratic states
THE DOCTOR:Wales,Scotland,Northern Ireland,Republic of Ireland,France,Portugal,Italy,Egypt,The Caribbean,Canada and England used to be in
AMY:So is it like the future UK
THE DOCTOR;In a manner of speaking yes with the republic of Ireland back in and other near countries although its more like a smaller more selective group like the European union but the only difference is all the countries aren't European and they are all mixed to certain parts of continents and doesn't contain most of Europe
AMY:Sad isn't it we are about to be executed and we are talking about the democratic states.
THE DOCTOR:I think we get pushed into them booths at the top of this massive glowing machine
Isn't strange though them just leaving us hear not listening to us chatting away we could escape and they wouldn't realise
THE DOCTOR:Trust me they would shoot you dead always looking for impossible exits
AMY:We are going to die
THE DOCTOR:Yeah I hope it isn't that painful
AMY:It never is
THE DOCTOR:Don't back you're live on it
The Doctor and Amy both start laughing
SCIENTIST:When do I activate the machine?
COMMANDER BROACH:Once have secured the criminals and locked them in the booths
Soldiers secure the doctor and Amy and push them into the extremely squashy and small booths and then lock the booths
AMY:These booths are too small I can hardly breath
COMMANDER BROACH:Trust me very soon you won't need to breath
AMY:I would never ever trust you
THE DOCTOR:and neither would I
COMMANDER BROACH:It doesn't matter now in less than a few minutes minutes you will be gone wiped out of existence by us the human empire is stronger than you are grateful for
COMMANDER BROACH:Save your breath Criminal nothing is going to save your life
COMMANDER BROACH:Activate now and end these criminal's lifes
The Prime Minister nods his head
SCIENTIST:Activating Now
OTHER SCIENTIST:20 Seconds till disintegration is achieved
One minute Earlier On the Argon Ship

Based on the toy model to a size of 2.2M
ARGON LEADER:Hurry up the doctor is in terrible trouble we must rescue him as far as we know he could be seconds away from his death
ARGON:The are getting very close to their execution we will not be able to rescue them in time
ARGON LEADER:Crash the ship using maximum acceleration we must achieve over one million warp to be in time to save the doctor's life
ARGON:You are going to kill us sir
ARGON LEADER:Trust me this ship is strong enough to withold crashes.
Head straight to the left of the execution chamber so we can execute our rescue successfully
ARGON LEADER:it is incredibly important that he survives because I know that their are much darker terrible times to come for the universe and he must be their to save us all
Back in the execution chamber
COMMANDER BROACH:What was that big bang?
Argons hurry into the room and shoot the machine then the scientists
The machine goes dead just before the crystals were going to fully activate and disintegrate the doctor and Amy
SCIENTIST:The Machine has Gone Dead
More Argons Start entering the room
ARGON LEADER:Free the doctor and his companion
AMY:Thank You
THE DOCTOR:You should have let us die now you will cause a war
ARGON LEADER:You saved our children from the roloclaurus this is how we repay you
THE DOCTOR:I don't ever need repaying

Flashback The Doctor and The Argon Leader Remember their encounter
Argonia 6254
Massive yellow headed ring shaped like a doughnut with green long squidgy tentacles coming off each part of the ring like a jellyfish whole creature about as big as a T-Rex in size two times as wide with big gap in the ring where no tentacles form or anything.With big teeth and mouths coming off each squidgy circle on each tentacle with bigger mouths and teeth on the yellow ring.
ARGON LEADER:Is that a massive jellyfish sort of thing
THE DOCTOR:It is a roloclaurus a very terrifying creature
SARAH JANE SMITH:What can we do about a roloclaurus?
THE DOCTOR:I don't know still thinking
ARGON LEADER:What does it want?
THE DOCTOR:Your children for meat that is what all of its kind have h want children perfectly soft meat perfect taste their bodies can digest less developed skeletons adults are too developed and have too hard skin they couldn't bite bite into them
SARAH JANE SMITH:So all the argon children are going to die unless we work out how to stop it
Roloclaurus can be seen chewing and digesting many argon children very fast
MOTHER:You have ate my child go away from this planet
Mother shoots the creature many times without even minorly injuring the creature until her bullets run out
THE DOCTOR:Have you got a big transmitter
SARAH JANE SMITH:Over There doctor
THE DOCTOR:Thanks Sarah I can see it now
SARAH JANE SMITH:Well I am guessing that whatever you have got planned is better idea than offering it a jelly baby or trapping it with your long scarf
THE DOCTOR:Trust me I have got a much better idea
ARGON LEADER:What exactly are you planning to do and how will it be successful?
THE DOCTOR:I am sonicing the transmitter onto the roloclaurus draining the electricity and pouring it onto the roloclaurus roloclaurus's are allergic to electricity to much contact with it and they burst open and it is terribly horrible I just hope it has the sense to flee by the way when I have done this all the electricity for the planet will be lost do I have the permission to do It?
ARGON LEADER:We have many electricity mines we mine it every day we would recover in a few months do it now before more children have to suffer and that creature grows in strength
The doctor sonics the transmitter onto the roloclaurus and it once it loads of times flies away incredibly fast across the stars
SARAH JANE SMITH:Well you didn't have to kill it that's good
ARGON LEADER:Thank you doctor
THE DOCTOR:It was my honour Anyday Anyday
ARGON LEADER:How can I repay you?
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry but you can never repay me too hard and trust me I have always searched for ways.
ARGON LEADER:If I ever find a way to repay you I will straight away
ARGON LEADER:Bye doctor I have work to do organising the electricity rations
THE DOCTOR:You will find away to get that electricity through them mines
ARGON LEADER:I am sure I will Bye Doctor
Argon Leader walks away curiously wondering through the expression in his eyes whether he will ever see the doctor again
SARAH JANE SMITH:Roloclaurus whatever next I have seen Mummies,Androids,Daleks,Cybermen and now this How can i cope with this new life I lead
THE DOCTOR:You are only a journalist Have a jelly baby?
SARAH JANE SMITH:I want a green one please
The Doctor takes a green jelly baby out of the bag and puts it in her hand
SARAH JANE SMITH:Lovely Taste mmmmm!!!
THE DOCTOR:I can tell you are not coping without Harry
SARAH JANE SMITH:It is just that I keep thinking of how things would have been different if Harry had stayed How he would ave faced antimatter then mummies then androids and then a big jellyfish like Roloclaurus
THE DOCTOR:I miss Harry aswell but Sarah I think their are times when we all have to move and not be glued to the past
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith step in the tardis and it dematerialises
End of Flashback
ARGON LEADER:Without you our next generation would have been wiped out by that roloclaurus
THE DOCTOR:Watch out Argons they have holded their tensions for a while now but they are getting read to fire
PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM:Shoot Them!!! Kill them all!!!
Argons try to escape
Argons shoot successfully at PM DARREN HALLOINGHAM and COMMANDER BROACH
Argon killed by Officer
THE DOCTOR:come with me
The doctor,Amy and the argon leader quickly duck and escape down a corridor
AMY:So you have met the doctor before
ARGON LEADER:Yes Thats right he saved our children
THE DOCTOR:From the Roloclaurus He saved us because I had saved the argonian children it was his way of repaying him after i told him that he couldn't repay me 17 years ago in his timeline but in mine it was about 215 years ago I was a completely different man back then
ARGON LEADER:To me you are the same man
THE DOCTOR:My rules Who I am What I do are always the same passed down for all the timelords but my personality change in different ways when I change my face it is strange you recognised us
ARGON LEADER;Us Argons have so good smell we could smell you out and feel your emotions we knew you were introuble
THE DOCTOR:You never told me your species had these sorts of abilities
ARGON LEADER:Anyway before I go to fight these humans I have a very important for you doctor.Do you know about Pandorica and those cracks?
THE DOCTOR:Yes what about them
ARGON LEADER:They have been wiped out of existence
AMY:Well that is good
ARGON LEADER:Their has become a new threat aliens of legend are invading the universe suspending the cracks and the threat of Pandorica temporarily you know about that technology don't you
AMY:What about the technology?
ARGON LEADER:It is not human
THE DOCTOR:We know it came from a crashed boiler tube
ARGON LEADER:You must have realised that the technology was beyond any known races ever at any period time
THE DOCTOR:Yes I did get on with it
ARGON LEADER:The technology came from a vastly advanced and developed spaceship which's inhabitants throw these out to replace them with better and better it is a constant activity
THE DOCTOR:Who could have built that technology?What aliens from legend?What else do you know?
ARGON LEADER:I don't anyway else other than the prophecy that if the one called the doctor doesn't act quick enough then the battleday will be a defeat and the whole universe shall to the aliens who were hidden in legend for so long now ready to rise.
THE DOCTOR:Now you are getting me incredibly worried
AMY:Anyway thanks for your help and I really hope we see you again
ARGON LEADER:I hope to see you again
The Argon Leader leaves them to battle the new war against the human empire
On the surface
Bullets firing smoke forming and fires burning in the air
OFFICER:Kill them all
SOLDIER:Their is too many of them
Argon Leader Aprroaches
ARGON LEADER:Humans surrender we have two warships ready to destroy this planet
ACTING PRIME MINISTER ADAM JONES:We have three heavily armed spaceships Fire!!!
Argon Warship
ARGON:We are losing shields
ARGON COMMANDER:AAAAARGH!!!Evacuation Hull Breach Immediate Evacuation
Control Desk explodes and kills everyone on the bridge
Human Spaceship approaches and gives a critical blow and the Argon Warship is destroyed
Human Spaceship
CAPTAIN:Well done target the other warship
OFFICER:Reroot power to shields now
AMANDA:I can't the system is stuck we are defenceless
CAPTAIN:Immediate Retreat and Evacuation
AMANDA:Manoeuvre Impossible sir Warp Drive Disabled
OFFICER:Reroot all the power to the teleport system
Human Spaceship Explodes after Further Argon Warship Attack
AMY:What are you going to do doctor?a new massive war is breaking out
THE DOCTOR:The Ships will be destroyed then more and more ships will be called i can't end this war it is too big and I created it
AMY:Are you sure you can't stop it?Don't Give up yet doctor
THE DOCTOR:Two whole empires are at war
The Doctor starts crying
AMY:What is wrong?
THE DOCTOR:Nothing's Wrong
AMY:Doctor I understand you are upset but you have to get over it
The Doctor starts ripping up things,knocking things over and starts properly vandalising the hall
AMY:Stop It!!!You Will et yourself into more trouble
THE DOCTOR:It is all my fault I created war you are still not getting it Amy
AMY:It is not worth vandalising the place
THE DOCTOR:This is all part of history it always has been I created this because of me stealing that box and getting the Argons to rescue me.This is the war that becomes World War 8 and technically the first intergalactic war.It all starts here through me in the 63Rd century and it all ends in the 78Th century with all the Argons wiped out of existence their world like earth without humans predators and all sorts locked inside a cold green skied world with red seas and blue soil with something missing intelligent humanoids and it was all because of me and 75% of the human empire that ever lived in them centuries died because of me
AMY: I'm sorry it happened but their is nothing we can do about this it is just history bad things happen you just have to recover quickly and move on doctor
THE DOCTOR:You still don't understand Amy this is the war that turns the human race fully evil they had their evil moments before but this war changed them like what happened to my own race and I was forced to kill them the human race turns into a race only bothered on extending the empire across the empire killing and killing and I created their passion for this I turned your race Amy into the daleks a copy of the evil of the daleks not in a casing but in the mind They end up enslaving most of the universe nothing compares to what they end up turning into because of me
AMY:You couldn't stop it doctor you very just unlucky you turned out to be the one who creates a war which must happen anyway
THE DOCTOR:I was so tempted all the time to go back and stop this war because I
loved the Argons so much and I wanted to stop all the suffering from happening and
in all this time I have just realised it was me who created this terrible war
AMY:It is still not entirely your fault humans always had it in them and I am sure the Argons would have turned up some time and caused the war
THE DOCTOR:No they wouldn't of the Argons are peace lovers who only fight for their heroes and exceptional circumstances I was their only hero they were a isolated race they would have never went to war if it wasn't for me
AMY:Come on grumpy face you said to me before that the human race was gentle in hundreds of thousands of years in the future maybe this war helps them evolve and see their faults and become kind across the universe
THE DOCTOR:Yeah I suppose that is right
AMY:So you're acts ended up doing good in the end don't forget that
THE DOCTOR:Come on into the tardis Amelia Jessica Pond restaurant just for you don't you forget that I promised you I would never forget that
The doctor and Amy go in the tardis and it dematerialises
15,018 years later
ARGON:I am last of my race killing me would be genocide.You do not need to kill me.
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:WE have to protect our empire if you escape your species will grow again and we will go to war again and your side could win no we definitely must kill you
ARGON:I am the last of my race you can't destroy me you have destroyed us all and you are now going to destroy me for your empire you evil people.All I have ever wanted is peace.
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:We have to wipe out your race forever your race destroyed 75% of the entire empire and you shall pay for it
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:Soldiers kill him we must to defend our empire
Bullets are fired consecutively and kill the argon
OFFICER:That is it now with the Argons destroyed we can start to rebuild our empire again the universe shall be sorry we shall rise and conquer the universe enslaving everyone in our paths to ultimate glory we shall become the rulers of the universe
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:Yes indeed launch the probes we need to explore more into space and yes our empire shall begin now we shall begin our conquest of the universe the human empire shall very soon rule the entire universe
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:Glory shall be upon us very very soon because the human empire shall rule forever over the inferior species's of this universe we shall rule as the superior rulers of the universe
OFFICER:We have found a planet with a unintelligent easily enslavable race this is our next target
PM DOUGLAS CAMPTON:we will launch our spaceships tomorrow and plan our mission today
OFFICER:We certainly will be around the universe as the best species in the universe we definitely shall rule over this entire universe
End Titles

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