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Doctor Who-Tricks of the Orlords

Earth,2010 Underground train station York
The Nestene Conciousness is talking to Captain Jack Harkness.
NESTENE:Earth shall be mine you were foolish to return
CAPTAIN JACK:I returned to save my own people
NESTENE:You're own people from the past interesting paradox you're mind shall definitely be mine autons steal his mind
Autons start approaching from the distance with an axe
CAPTAIN JACK:No you can't how can you do make plastic come alive and speak?
NESTENE:I am made of plastic you shall die as my race come storming from Norlonia and take over the human race so you will never have existed
CAPTAIN JACK:You will all these wonderful people just learning how to walk and are capable of so much more and don't you realise if you kill them you stop me from ever existing and my mind too if you carry on with your plans you can't have my mind you're choice
NESTENE:I will absorb the brain energy from you're mind so that it can be kept in a protected paradox Autons steal his mind now now is the perfect time for our plans to begin and I need his mind now
Autons approach and are just about to chop his head of with an axes when the tardis materialises
THE DOCTOR:Captain nice to meet you again I am sorry for what is about to happen to you but nestene you are the same one from underground the one i destroyed with anti plastic How did you survive?
NESTENE:It was only enough to temporarily weaken me and stop my immediate plan but I have developed new ones which will my race here to harvest this planet from Norlonia
THE DOCTOR:That planet was destroyed in the time war I tried to save it from the timelord bombers I am so sorry daleks came to your planet and it caused the timelord bombers to destroy it all
NESTENE:Incorrect it only fell out of time and into a totally different part of space luckily a part that holds life and it has been lost for so long but I have now after all this time came in contact with my people
THE DOCTOR:So why do you need earth?
NESTENE:This planet is much better than our world holded in a secure orbit Norlonia is starting to freeze I need to rescue my people
THE DOCTOR:And this planet is getting hotter with carbon emissions and greenhouse gases
NESTENE:Absolutely perfect we feed on these gases
THE DOCTOR:Oh I forget about well I tried to trick you and you have been able to develop a strong human voice and give voices to autons
NESTENE:I was able to extract the good plastic parts which were 3% of the anti plastic and harvest it to make a bigger transmitter so big it detected my home planet and it will teleport all our species to this world and the transmitter activate all the plastic to kill every being on this planet so the nestenes can start without any other races in our way
THE DOCTOR:Where is this massive transmitter?
NESTENE:It is all around this train station
THE DOCTOR:Well I know what to do I will throw so anti plastic at you I always have some spare
The Doctor throws all the anti plastic he has 10 litres
THE DOCTOR:It hasn't worked
NESTENE:I grew immune from anti-plastic ages ago it now makes me stronger
THE DOCTOR:Well Plan B no their isn't any plan B just kill this person I don't care about him anymore
CAPTAIN JACK:This new regeneration is a nasty one you can't just leave me doctor help me
The Doctor says quietly
THE DOCTOR:You can't die and trust me this will work if you sacrifice you're head to the nestene
Auton uses axe to chop off jack's head and extracts the brain from the head and feeds it to nestene.
Parallel World,Park,Earth 2010
JACKIE TYLER:What is wrong sweetheart
PETE TYLER:You're eyes are going yellow fully yellow
ROSE TYLER:Keep you're eye on the baby not me I am not important
Rose Tyler starts springing off more and more golden time vortex energy
ROSE TYLER:No you shall not live
Rose Tyler then falls back and the time vortex energy starts fading fast and she goes normal again
ROSE TYLER:What Happened?
THE DOCTOR:Oh Rose Tyler you are fantastic more fantastic than you were before
Nestene starts going yellowish and dieing
THE DOCTOR:Technically speaking just before the nestene was about to finish the transmitter and bring all the nestenes here and activate all the plastic I just in time connected you to Capitan Jack Harkness The nestene harvested Captain Jack Harkness's brain and he is connected to the time vortex and you are aswell so through jack's brain you were able to connect to the nestene and destroy it before it destroyed the world very simple
NESTENE:My race will become extinct how nasty of you to destroy our races hopes of survival from our freezing planet
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry but you're race was just unlucky you can't use you're unluckiness to have an excuse to wipe out over races you just have to accept it
Captain Jack's Brain and head grows back fully
THE DOCTOR:You are back jack well say goodbye to the nestene conciousness
NESTENE:Transmitter Failing I am dieing AAAAARGH!!!
The Nestene bursts into time vortex energy which the tardis sucks up
ROSE TYLER:Doctor how did I escape the parallel world?
THE DOCTOR: connecting you to the nestene conciousness to save earth bursted loads of energy time vortex energy and transmitter energy so it has ripped a temporal whole between the universes which you can push through because you have time vortex energy in you're head so you are boosting the signal and falling through but in a moment the hole will close as the energy fades and you will be sucked back in you can't escape I am sorry what happened to the Human doctor?
ROSE TYLER:One day I woke up and he told me he was dieing and he just burst into regeneration energy
THE DOCTOR:The meta-crisis must have destabilized which means Donna will be fine she will be able to remember but she will not be able to remember why I left her and why she isn't travelling with me anymore I could visit her some day But I realise every second that every time I regenerate I start a new life maybe I should leave it and move on you can't always go back to the past
ROSE TYLER:I would like to travel with you again
THE DOCTOR:I have moved on and the energy isn't stable as I said you will sucked back to pete's world in about five minutes
ROSE TYLER:Goodbye doctor and by the way you are much sexier than before
THE DOCTOR:Thanks for the compliment by the way I can send you fully through for less than a minute if you would prefer that than being half through for five minutes
ROSE TYLER:I would much prefer that
The Doctor starts flicking switches on the train station transmitter controls and starts connecting the tardis to the controls to divert the energy to full materialisation
The Doctor then sonics Rose Tyler and Rose Tyler comes fully through and heads straight for the doctor's lips and they hug and snog for 15 seconds
ROSE TYLER:Definitely much more sexier than before
THE DOCTOR:As I said I can't always go back to old times
ROSE TYLER:Will I ever see you again?
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry but I doubt we will be this lucky again
Rose Tyler Disappears Forever
Earth,2010 Chiswick,London
DONNA NOBLE: Granddad where is the doctor?
WILFRED MOTT:You can't ever remember him
DONNA NOBLE:Granddad I feel fine I am totally sure and I remember every part of my life my life all clicks together now but why did the doctor leave me granddad?
WILFRED MOTT:Can you be sure about it Are you certain you are fine?
DONNA NOBLE: Granddad I feel better than I have felt before
SYLVIA NOBLE:Donna I am back
Donna hugs her mum and says happily
DONNA NOBLE:I can remember him I can remember The Doctor
SYLVIA NOBLE:How can she remember?
WILFRED MOTT:I don't know maybe the doctor fixed it it's brilliant all those adventures and she can remember them now forever Donna Noble Companion on the doctor
SYLVIA NOBLE:I think we need a party to celebrate this Thank You Doctor
DONNA NOBLE:Anyway I have decided I am going to join UNIT do what the doctor would have always wanted me to do and I hope I really hope that I see the doctor again so he can be so proud of me
WILFRED MOTT:Won't he just My granddaughter working for UNIT and Donna we all hope we can see that wonderful man again The Doctor is always a part of my heart and hearts of all the stars up their in the sky
In the Tardis
CAPTAIN JACK:Where to now?
THE DOCTOR:The Planet Olopp I have a task for you
THE DOCTOR:I need you to make peace between the Sardines and the Walheads on the planet Olopp
CAPTAIN JACK:How do I do that?
THE DOCTOR:I don't know
CAPTAIN JACK:Why don't you do it?
THE DOCTOR:I can die they might kill you if things turn bad
CAPTAIN JACK:I see you have changed the tardis.How did you do that?
THE DOCTOR:A very long story and I am counting on you to make peace between these species's
CAPTAIN JACK:Why do you need to make peace between them?
THE DOCTOR:They have a wonderful planet I don't want it ruined.
CAPTAIN JACK:Do you not have a companion in the tardis travelling through time and space with you anymore?
THE DOCTOR:I do she's sunbathing on a peaceful beach on Olopp I am going to join her in a moment once the tardis has landed on Olopp
CAPTAIN JACK:So basically you want to keep the beaches the same
THE DOCTOR:Sort of I will be back to see how you are doing in 10 hours
CAPTAIN JACK:10 Hours it might take a bit longer than that
THE DOCTOR:If anything goes wrong contact me with this
CAPTAIN JACK:What is this?
THE DOCTOR:Message sender just type in the message and it sends it to my Psychic Paper
THE DOCTOR:We have landed
THE DOCTOR:Olopp,Green moons in the sky,blue sand orange grass purple soil pink atmosphere black clouds the 110Th planet closest to the sun in the Olonia System
kept alive by artificial heat energy from the Pallonian work station 100,000 light years that way
The Doctor points to the left and Smiles
Doctor who Title Sequence
CAPTAIN JACK:You think you are so sexy when you do that
THE DOCTOR:You need to watch you're words you are turning into River Song and don't flirt definitely no flirting totally banned from the rules of the planet Olopp
THE DOCTOR:Yes totally It's a shame because you like to flirt don't you
CAPTAIN JACK:I really doubt it you really have got to be kidding me
THE DOCTOR:My rules of the planet
CAPTAIN JACK:You never change
THE DOCTOR: Definitely no flirting Jack
CAPTAIN JACK:Okay Doctor I will not flirt
THE DOCTOR:Flirt and You are dead Jack
CAPTAIN JACK:See how well I am doing in 10 hours
THE DOCTOR:I am sure you will have it sorted in 10 hours
Captain Jack Runs off into the distance
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):This is interesting imagine the energy I could steal from him I must get there through him I can feed all the Orlords that have been starved out of existence
In a meeting in the council hall South to the Great Olopp Beach
CAPTAIN JACK:Now this is correct you sardines have stayed here 10,000 years and evolved through generations and you want to stay here on Olopp and the Walheads who evolved originally from here now want you off this planet
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):Do not Trust Him he is trying to get into your heads he wants both of our species's to stay and secretly get his species to take over
Chief Malrun sniffs transferring orange invisible energy across the room
ADAN MALROON(WALHEAD):I agree whatever situations we have got ourselves in this pest will not help us but instead take over our planet or even worse destroy our planet
CAPTAIN JACK:That is not correct I do not want to do anything to you planet I just want to help I bring both spieces's together to trust each other and be friendly to each other
SARDINE DELEGATE:I am sure this man can be trusted Why come here to help us in the first place?I totally disagree that he has invasion plans
Chief Malrun Sniffs at the delegate
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):My evidence is totally accurate proof isn't it delegate you know it is
SARDINE DELEGATE:Yes I have changed my mind I have got to say I agree now I have obviously not thought this through I have looked at this in a wrong way Our tensions on our planet are hardly noticeable except for keen watchers keen for invasion and this is his plan to achieve his ultimate goal.
WALHEAD DELEGATE:Gives us more solid proof and I will agree but at the moment we have no proof
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):Here is all the evidence you need in one sniff
Chief Malrun Sniffs Again at the Walhead Delegate
WALHEAD DELEGATE:I understand now
DELEGATES REPEATEDLY: What evidence did he give you?
WALHEAD DELEGATE:It was a planning document it shows clearly that Jack is planning against us We must call this meeting off he is using us and thank you Malrun for using you're sniffs to tell us information no other lifeform on this planet has the ability it is obvious you were sent by the gods to help us
Captain Jack starts typing on the message sender
On the Beach
AMY:What is wrong doctor?
THE DOCTOR:I have received a message on the Psychic paper"The delegates are ganging up on me it is because Chief Malrun keeps sniffing and seems to be hypnotising please help I might be in trouble"Their is only one sort of lifeform that could be doing this
AMY:What sort of lifeform?
THE DOCTOR:Orlords they use it to capture fake hate to take the life essence of lifeforms and if he is sniffing one must have escaped by binding with a sardine and if he is able to harness Jack's lifeforce then it means the end of the universe he would be able to bring the Orlords back fully to rule the universe Run now Amy we need to immediately help jack we need to get to the council hall as quick as we can
Amy and The Doctor start running towards the Council Hall
In a meeting in the council hall South to the Great Olopp Beach
CAPTAIN JACK:I told you clearly when I started this discussion I am here to help nothing more nothing less I try my hardest to ensure this planet does not have a civil war I need to try to keep the sardines and the Walheads together in peace and I need you're help
The Doctor and Amy Burst into the room
THE DOCTOR:Trust me believe me he is my friend and all he wants is peace no invasion plans at all
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):More Proof these are his accomplices coming here to give him extra support to make ultimate sure they succeed in taking over the planet
ADAM MALROON(WALHEAD):I agree these are enemies of our planet they must be removed
SARDINE DELEGATE:We need more proof
The Doctor sniffs to Confirm the fact that Chief Malrun is an Orlord in Disguise
THE DOCTOR:All of you should really not believe him he is not a sardine he may look like you're chicken headed race with large blue teeth around purple shining crystalline bodies but he is just pure energy hiding in that form he has taken over that body and soon the entire universe if you let him hypnotise you into hating him
SARDINE DELEGATE:I knew it he is a Walhead in disguise
THE DOCTOR:He isn't really shark headed with a green and red dragon like body and two goat like hooves either
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):He is lying his words make no sense he is speaking in a strange untranslatable language they are strangers who want to use Olopp for the own uses
THE DOCTOR:Don't play tricks with me orlord
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):You are not making any sense a what lord?
AMY:Believe the doctor is telling the truth just look into his eyes they are turning orange this must be clear proof trust the doctor he is an orlord and you are all in serious danger if you don't act quickly
THE DOCTOR:He is blocking the tardis translation circuit so they can't understand us
AMY:Can't you boost the translation circuits
THE DOCTOR:I will try with my sonic Give me them Sunglasses
AMY:What for?
THE DOCTOR:To hide the noise they might suspect something if they hear the noise?
AMY:Is it Working?
THE DOCTOR:I have done it to 100 times it's normal strength good job this new sonic screwdriver can connect to the tardis long distances and the tardis translation circuits now work even longer distances than they use to work
AMY:Can he still block it?
THE DOCTOR:No I have no got it too high for even the powers of Orlords to block but Amy Orlords have a lot more tricks than you can imagine
AMY:Now you can all hear properly surely you can all see his suspicious looks and sniffs which none of you can perfect he is not of this planet he is an Orlord and trust me if you let him use you to build up his strength you are all going to die very soon.Captain Jack is not the enemy Malrun is.Focus fight his mind get past him and stop him before it is too late
SARDINE DELEGATE:I believe the girl is right
CHIEF MALRUN(SARDINE):The only not convinced person in this room apart from the strangers do you want more evidence?
THE DOCTOR:Be careful Jack anymore hate and you are gone forever you maybe immortal but the Orlords can wipe you out of existence forever forever feeding on your energy as you start to life again anymore hate and you will die forever
SARDINE DELEGATE:He is telling the truth Captain Jack must be destroyed
ALL DELEGATES: Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!!
CAPTAIN JACK:This is ridiculous I told you plain and simply I am here to help you and that is all I am to do to make certain peace between both races
The Doctor and Amy pull worried faces
ALL DELEGATES: Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!! Captain Jack must be destroyed!!!
Captain Jack dissolves into orange energy Bringing Back many more Orlords back into existence and Chief Malrun turns into his true form
THE DOCTOR:You are Orlords just like I said see now delegates look what you have done
AMY:You said he was immortal He Will be coming back in a few minutes Won't He Doctor?
THE DOCTOR:I am sorry Amy he will not be coming back ever the Orlords have absorbed his life essence forever and whatever life essence was going to be created by him will be sucked back to resurrect trapped Orlords trapped invisibly into the working of the universe
ORLORD MALRUN:Doctor such a incredible life essence we have absorbed and you thought you had trapped us all into the universe reality didn't you?
THE DOCTOR:How did you survive?
ORLORD MALRUN:When we were being sucked in by the universes structures I quickly scattered away from your Cosmic Flattener shifting the building blocks of the universe to your design creating this mess of a universe I fell through time to this planet about 20 years and thank you doctor you have given us the perfect man to bring us back into proper existence remember doctor you can never destroy the Orlords.
I took over Chief Malrun's body and this entire universe universe shall be taken over by the Orlords.
THE DOCTOR:Amy run as fast you can now Amy for your life
A massive orange cloud can be seen chasing them and spreading across the planet Olopp
Sardines and Walheads all over the planet start being eaten by the Orlords and turning into more golden energy with more Orlords being brought back into proper existence
Amy and The Doctor rush into the tardis and the doctor rushes the consoles as quickly as he can and the tardis dematerialises with clouds of Orlords chasing at incredible speeds
THE DOCTOR:They will keep growing forever unstarving stored flattened starved Orlords bringing them back into existence feasting on everything in their path soon they will have the universe then will travel through the time vortex and eat the existence of the universe the universe will have never existed
AMY:But won't they destroy theirselves doing that because they will stop themselves stealing jack's life essence
THE DOCTOR:No,The Orlords are Strong Enough to hold small paradoxes on events like that
AMY:I reckon they won't be able to feast on one ship
THE DOCTOR:Amy What Ship?
AMY:This Tardis it is indestructible you said it was we are 100% safe in here aren't we?
THE DOCTOR:I am so sorry but I lied this tardis isn't quite indestructible
AMY:How can I trust you when you lie all the time?
THE DOCTOR:You can always trust me Amy I only lied to make you feel secure this tardis is vertly indestructible 99.99% indestructible but the Orlords are structured into the universe in a way they are very similar to space but different because they are alive fully alive they are like gods that is what you would call them and do you think gods don't have enough power to destroy this tardis?
AMY:But if Orlords are part of the universe like space and you knocked them out of proper existence how did life form?The universe should have fell apart doctor How did all this life in the universe survive without the Orlords?because you said they are part of the universe
THE DOCTOR:It was way back when I was born I am a Timelord but I was born out of my time deliberately when I was born I was the only person alive other than the Orlords
The Orlords stopped life other than themselves from ever being created.I through combining trapped energy with lost bits of technology the Orlords created was able to trap them in what I call a Cosmic Flattener it basically flatteners think of the Orlords as gases and I restricted the balance to solids and liquids of course they aren't they are a totally different form of Luidine Lifeforms but it gives you an idea of what I did to make life exist outside the Orlords.
AMY:So you created the universe?
THE DOCTOR:I caused the big bang if you mean that
AMY:So how did you get created?
THE DOCTOR:My parents must have realised my potential at saving the universe and creating the universe they stole a time machine went all the way back to where the Orlords where they were the only Lifeforms and my mother gave birth and left me their on a liquid reef sort of place with orange skies of Orlords above they created enough heat and water to keep me alive.
AMY:But how did they end up being created to send you back into the past
THE DOCTOR:Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Amy very very complicated stuff
AMY:How old were you when you were able to work out ho to trap the Orlords and begin the universe you wanted?
AMY:How did the Orlords not kill you before then?
THE DOCTOR:They didn't notice me How would they?they were certain they had stopped any possibility of any other life being created and then after I started the universe this tardis arrived with my parents in just as the Orlords fell out of time for what I thought would be Forever They took me to what should have been my home planet Gallifrey but it wasn't and I started schooling and looked into the Untempted Schism and I didn't find it amazing at all what they didn't realise was the fact that I had already seen it all before I had created it and in a way it was why I stole this box it had helped me create the universe I felt connected to it so I took it and travelled the stars with Amy Pond
AMY:Doctor What about the Orlords How are they doing?How are they advancing?How much longer can the tardis keep being chased for?
The Tardis starts crashing to a black massive deserted asteroid 100 times the size of earth
THE DOCTOR:Not much longer their powers are eating into the tardis They are puling us down
The Tardis Crash Lands on the Asteroid and The Doctor and Amy step out of the Tardis
THE DOCTOR:So you have this entire sector of the universe
ORLORD:Yes we have Doctor apart from one spaceship
THE DOCTOR:What spaceship?
ORLORD:A spaceship stuck fighting [Pandorica heading slowly for an unknown
AMY:How come you can not drain the life essence of that spaceship?
ORLORD:They have weapons which could blast us out of the universe into Voids and None Existence weapons of massive size so much technology they can through bits off very often replaced by better versions of the technology and they are forcing Pandorica out of permanent existence
AMY:What are you planning to do?
ORLORD:We are planning to destroy the universe then the time vortex and then we will be able to life like the olden days the old universe will have never not been the universe it was a brilliant universe where only us creatures existed and no others it was a universe the doctor foolishly destroyed
THE DOCTOR:I will stop you
AMY:The doctor always saves the universe and he will save this time don't you worry you Orlords he will save the universe again and stop you
ORLORD:We shall consume the entire existence of the universe very soon
AMY:Apart from that Spaceship
ORLORD:Yes quite right Amelia Jessica Pond Apart from that spaceship
AMY:How does he know my name?
THE DOCTOR:Orlords know every single fact about the universe they have seen every single thing that has happened in the universe
AMY:Scary Doctor Very Scary So they know more than you doctor?
THE DOCTOR:Yes indeed Amy more than any creatures ever technically they are the gods of the universe
AMY:How long will this plan take to complete?
ORLORD:In human hours for our timelines 10 hours
THE DOCTOR:What are you going to do about us?
ORLORD:Very soon you will have all you're life energy consumed by us you will all make very tasty meals for us Orlords
AMY:What about the tardis?
ORLORD:That shall be consumed by us aswell
THE DOCTOR:This is the end no way out the Orlords are going to rule the entire universe forever their are no special tricks or plans I can perfect to save the day and the timelords are dead so I can't get any help of them
they are strong enough to easily consume the daleks
ORLORD:We have already consumed a dalek ship carrying the progenitor before it entered the time vortex it was planning to go to 1963 earth but we ate them before the spaceship entered the time vortex and all them daleks onboard very all delicious meals
THE DOCTOR:Surely you can let us live a little longer to see you're ultimate victory and see you destroy this universe forever
ORLORD:Always the funny one doctor but no we will never risk you stopping us again we will consume you,your companion and your tardis what delicious meals you will make all you're life energy will be ours to feast on and trust me doctor very very soon the universe will consist of only one form of energy orlord energy.
Massive Clouds of Orange Energy of the Orlord Creatures starts storming faster and faster at The Doctor, Amy and The Tardis ready to consume them.

To be Continued...

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  1. Wow! My favourite episode so far of this series, and I have really loved all the others. The cliffhanger's really exciting as well, with the Doctor and Amy about to be consumed!

    When will part 2 be released?